Thanks for your interest in CGI::Ajax.
CGI::Ajax - a perl-specific system for writing AJAX- or DHTML-based web
applications (formerly know as the module CGI::Perljax).

Current Version is 0.652!
CGI::Ajax is an object-oriented module that provides a unique
mechanism for using perl code asynchronously
from javascript-enhanced web pages.  You would commonly use
CGI::Ajax in AJAX/DHTML-based web applica- tions.  CGI::Ajax
unburdens the user from having to write any javascript,
except for having to associate an exported method with a
document-defined event (such as onClick, onKeyUp, etc). Only
in the more advanced implementations of a exported perl
method would a user need to write any javascript.

CGI::Ajax supports methods that return single results, or
multiple results to the web page, and the after version
0.20, supports returning values to multiple DIV elements on
the HTML page.

Using CGI::Ajax, the URL for the HTTP GET request is
automatically generated based on HTML layout and events,
and the page is then dynamically updated.  We also have
support for mapping URL's to a CGI::Ajax function name, so
you can separate your code processing over multiple scripts.

Other than using the Class::Accessor module to generate
CGI::Ajax' accessor methods, CGI::Ajax is com- pletely
self-contained - it does not require you to install a larger
package or a full Content Management System, etc.

A primary goal of CGI::Ajax is to keep the module streamlined
and maximally flexible.  We are trying to keep the generated
javascript code to a minimum, but still provide users with a
variety of methods for deploying CGI::Ajax. And VERY  little
user javascript.


(all of these are included in the scripts directory of the distribution)

coderef example This shows an example of perl functions declared using code refs
subroutine example Same example but using subroutines, not code refs
many returns Same example but with many return values coming from the perl function, each going to a different div
regular expressions Another example using regular expressions in a real-time matching display
example from POD docs The example from the documentation in the module
dynamic select boxes This example shows how to dynamically change select boxes, based on other select box selections
chained CGI::Ajax Functions An example of multiple exported perl functions chained to a single event (req CGI::Ajax >=0.56!)
Radio button example An example showing off the update CGI::Ajax that handles radio buttons (req CGI::Ajax >=0.58!)
Outside URL example An example of using CGI::Ajax and exporting a function to javascript that refers to an outside URL for processing
Callback example An example showing a javascript function calling a CGI::Ajax exported function